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's expected to last about three months. >>> well, a scare today for san francisco's nancy pelosi. the u.s. democratic leader was briefly hospitalized in rome early today, but by this afternoon, she resumed her schedule. the former house speaker tweeted to her followers, "thanks to everyone for your well wishes. had a very productive trip to afghanistan and i'm in italy resuming meetings." after a hectic schedule yesterday in afghanistan, the 70-year-old pelosi felt ill and underwent some hospital tests, but a few hours later, she was on the move, meeting with italy's leaders in parliament. pelosi is on a congressional trip. >>> let's turn now to your disaster in japan. officials still racing to restore electricity to the troubled fukushima daiichi nuclear plant, but now they're facing more unforeseen obstacles, including a cloud of smoke that forced workers to evacuate again today. now, when power is finally restored, officials say the cooling system should bring temperatures back to a safe level within those reactors within a day. meanwhile, the world's health organization is calling on
on this stronger storm for your commute, coming up. >>> our international headlines now. we are a week into the u.s.-led military intervention in libya and there are concern that is fight is dissolving into a stalemate. u.s. pilots are flying 45% of the missions, almost half of what it was a few days ago. libyan leader moammar gadhafi's forces are taking heavy hits from the air but on the ground, rebel forces are losing territory. president barack obama pulled out a land invasion to -- has ruled to out a land invasion to oust gadhafi, but house speaker john boehner sent a letter to the president today demanding an outline of the u.s. goals in libya. >>> radiation leaking from japan's tsunami-damaged nuclear power plant is now in tokyo's tap water, prompting long lines for water and certain foods. the water is safe for adult bus the government says radiation levels are higher than recommended for infants. the u.s. is still searching for a few americans that remain unaccounted for in northern japan. the state department says one u.s. citizen is confirmed dead. >>> well, she was a hollywood icon with
. >> u.s. experts believe it could be weeks before the emergency is resolved, and americans are being urged to flee a 50 mile area around the plant. on our shores, radiation monitoring has been stepped up on the west coast as a precaution. >> we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the west coast, alaska, hawaii or u.s. territories in the pacific. >> we have seen no radiation, by the way, even on incoming cargo or passengers that comes close to reaching a harmful level. >> in tokyo, experts say radiation levels are below harmful levels, but anxiety is on the rise. and the pentagon is organizing a voluntary evacuation of american military families and citizens who want to get out. >> now, there is a lot of american expertise with regard to nuclear energy that's being called upon to help in japan. tonight we've learned of another american resource that's being looked into, the super soaker, the converted 747 used to drop huge amounts of water on wildfires. we talked with the company that runs it tonight and they say they're in talks with what role they could play. they lik
areas. today, u.s. officials also urged americans to move farther away from the troubled power plant. than japanese leaders have been advising. kris sanchez has more. >> americans hearing that advice to get farther away would be wise to follow it as the focus now has shifted to a reactor that is considered stable. meanwhile, they doused the power plant with water from above until they were grounded by spiking radiation levels. japan doubled the number of workers heading into the plant to assess the situation. all this time, the japanese had been telling people to stay 12 miles away, but that may not be far enough. >> american citizens in japan evacuate, those american citizens within a 50-mile radius of the reactors evacuate from that area. this is the same advice that the nrc would give if this incident were taking place in thenit uni states. >> how u.s. military pilots are not being allowed within that radius of the plant except for the ones who are going to assist in some relief missions. they are getting those iodine tablets. as the white house delivers the urgent message t
: leaving for jihad in somalia. his uncle said u.s. muslims looked the other way. >> we never got help from our leaders. from ouring orrists, big islamic organizationists. >> reporter: should american muslims do more to stop al qaeda recruitment. saying yes. >> the u.s. has a problem with muslim radicalization. i'm muslim and realize it's my problem. >> reporter: but holding musliming to account for the crimes of a few angered many leaders. >> islamic muslims have spoken many times against violent extremi extremism. >> reporter: a muslim in congress remembered a first responder killed on 9/11. >> he was a fellow american who gave his life for other americans. >> reporter: a hero's story in a hearing about who's to blame for a new crop of muslim villains. some democrats up here today were so upset they insisted this hearing itself would be used by al qaeda as a recruiting tool that radicals could claim as proof that the u.s. government really is at war with islam. this hearing, the lead up to it, all the controversy followed avidly, of course, by muslim american communities coast-to-coast. o
it the u.s. >>> president obama will be returning to the bay area next month. this will be his third visit here since october. the president will visit san francisco on april 20th for a fund-raiser. mr. obama's trip will follow his re-election kickoff. there are reports the president will also make a stop along the peninsula in attempts to raise more cash. obama's most recent visit happened last month when he dined with hi-tech executives including apple's steve jobs and facebook's mark zuckerberg. >>> turning now to japan and beyond. low levels of radiation from japan's nuclear crisis are showing up in milk samples in washington state. the epa and food and drug administration say consumers should not worry but add they should expect more of this news in the coming days. the measurements were taken on milk samples in spokane last friday and show radioactive levels 5,000 times below the fda's recommended levels for infants. >> topping our health watch, premature birth is the leading cause of newborn death in the united states. not only is it devastating for parents who are lose a child but
mother. but tillman cannot afford to bring her home and he needs help. his daughter, lynn, is a u.s. citizen born in santa cruz just before her parents divorced. >> she's a really good kid, you know. and i know just by talking to her and hearing her voice, i can tell she's scared. >> tillman has been in touch with his daughter by phone. his ex-wife plans to remain in japan to tend to her family there. >>> now, the death toll from japan's earthquake and tsunami rose today to almost 8500 people. another 13,000 are missing. the death toll is expected to climb as rescue workers discover more bodies. but at the same time, there are remarkable stories of survival. today an 80-year-old woman and her 16-year-old grandson were rescued. the two were trapped in their kitchen and survived by eating the food that happened to be left in their refrigerator. meanwhile, the number three reactor at the crippled fukushima power plant is stable again tonight after an unexpected rise in pressure this morning. radiation from the plant is showing up in more food, but reaction from shoppers is mixed. >> i
agency could be fined as much as $20,000 a day. >>> now to libya where the u.s. says all options are on the table, including military action. raj mathai has more on stories making headlines. >> another bizarre day with moammar gadhafi. in an interview with the british television, the bbc, he remained defiant and in denial. now, the united states and european alleies have intensifid efforts to isolate can daf. today, he insisted his people support him and that there have be no protests. moving naval and air forces closer to libya. the administration says only that all options are on the table. simultaneously, the u.s. treasury department announced that it has frozen assets, at least $30 billion of assets, for libya, the largest amount ever frozen by a u.s. sanctions order. back here in the united states, seeking to appease disgruntled governors, president obama announcing today that he supports amending the 2010 health care law. he will allow states to opt out of some requirements three years earlier than now permitted with a nod to wisconsin, he also took the opportunity to defen
to make recommendations on how to improve pipeline safety throughout the u.s. live in san bruno, kimberly ferry, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. >>> another attack at a napa hospital, police at napa state hospital have booked a patient into jail on suspicion that he raped someone. the hospital isn't releasing any details about 30-year-old jesus tovar. the alleged victim was an employee. this isn't the first charge at this hospital. donna gross was strangled by a patient. a therapist was also attacked in december. employees have been complaining that they are in dangerous conditions at that state hospital with more than 90% of the patients admitted for criminal acts. >>> a 61-year-old former nurse will serve four days in a county jail for punching a 91-year-old patient in the math. joan rogers claims she was defending herself when the elderly woman became combative. a co-worker heard the patient scream and saw rogers strike her. this week rogers pled no contest to elder abuse. in addition to four years in jail, she received two years of probation. >>> the identification is now positive th
marijuana. the 32-year-old was booked in jail and released on bail. >>> two u.s. airmen dead tonight. the president of the united states saying he's outraged. what we've learned about the suspected gunmen in just the last few hours. >>> surprising turn of events on the soldier behind the leaking of the documents on wikileaks. >>> and the drama gets uglier. new home video of charlie sheen. >>> i'm jeff ranieri. plenty of wind with our latest storm system that gusted as high as 56 miles per hour a in las gatos. another storm system on the way. i'll have your timeline coming up. [ wheezing breaths ] [ woman ] the first time i smoked, i was 13. i was in a hurry to grow up and wanted to look cool. big tobacco knew it, and they preyed on me. i'm here to tell you that big tobacco hasn't changed. they continue to profit... by selling kids the same lies... to get them to use... the same deadly products. don't be big tobacco's next victim. >>> president obama expressing outrage and sadness today over the deadly shooting of two u.s. airmen in germany. two others were wounded. the gunman was tak
the backdrop of international maneuvering as the u.s. and other nations really stepping up efforts to really isolate gadhafi. robert gates has ordered two ships into the mediterranean and is deploys extra marines into the region. >> no decisions have been made on any other actions. i would note that the u.n. security counsel resolution provides no authorization for the use of armed force. >> and the rhetoric continues to come from the gadhafi family. today, his son warning western forces not to take any military action against libya. >>> the last time the federal government shut down was back in 1995. could it happen again this week? probably not. with the deadline looming friday, the house today passed a two-week stopgap spending bill that includes $4 billion in cuts. the democrats claim this will cause thousands of lost jobs. many voted for the bill any way to prevent a federal shutdown. senate democrats are expected to go along with this budget vote later this week. brian williams will go in depth with this issue in just a few minutes on nightly news. >>> we're going to be right back a co
later, u.s. military ships followed up with a barrage of missiles. >> over 110 tomahawk cruise missiles fired from both u.s. and british ships and sab marines struck more than 20 air defense systems and facilities ashore. >> reporter: speaking from the capital of brazil, president obama said gadhafi had a chance to back down but didn't. >> i want the american people to know the use of force is not our first choice, and not a choice that i make lightly. but we cannot stand idly by. >> reporter: western forces own the sky, but the situation on the ground was chaotic. video posted on social media sites purported to show fighting in eastern libya. this video shows a libyan warplane plummeting to the ground. but there's no confirmation which side it was on or who shot it down. in paris, secretary of state clinton was coordinating diplomatic efforts. she vowed the united states will back u.n. actions but not with ground troops. >> now, america has unique capabilities, and we will bring them to bear to help our european and canadian allies and arab partners, to stop further violence against ci
and they ended up leaving without him. as expected, he refused to testify, and the judge had u.s. marshals take anderson away to jail for the duration of the trial. >> when it gets reported that he is doing this for barry bonds, it appears to me that most people miss the point. this has nothing to do with barry bonds. this has everything to do with the fact that he was lied to by the prosecution. he was misled. >> attorney mark geragos says he was planning to file a motion to get anderson released. >>> now witnesses describe the deadly shooting of journalist chauncey bailey today during testimony as the high profile murder trial got underway. the first witness to take the stand described what they saw the morning of august 7th, 2007. they accused bey and antuan mcveigh. they recounted seeing a man dressed in black firing two shots at the oakland post editor, and then return seconds later to fire a shot out close range. bailey's brother says he is grateful the people who witnessed the shooting did come forward. >> i want takes a lot of courage for someone to come and testify, especially the peop
at this quake-stricken nuclear power plant, u.s. officials are asking tough questions about the vulnerability of our nuclear facilities. 104 of them in 31 states. >> we have to listen to what is happening in japan and protect ourselves and our people. >> reporter: massachusetts democrat ed markey is calling on the obama administration and the nuclear regulation administration to block any new and retrofit plants in quake zones like this one in california. some are suggesting it's time for a time-out. >> not to stop building nuclear power plants but to put the brakes on it right now until we understand the ramifications of what's happened in japan. >> reporter: that's what happened after the three mile island mishap in the 1970s and the chernobyl disaster in the soviet union in the 1980s. but with this nation facing a new energy crunch, some sound less than eager to close any doors. >> my thought about it is that we ought not to make american domestic policy based upon an event that happened in japan. >> reporter: still those for and against nuclear power are looking toward japan. >> one of th
didn't use a cell phone but she did send a letter to ask a favor of major u.s. wireless company. she asked sprint, t-mobile and the others to speed up delivery of mobile charity donations to japan. boxer says kit often take up to 90 days for that money to reach a disaster zone. she is asking copies to expedite the process considering the huge need in japan. boxer said the wireless companies managed to do that during the haiti crisis and hope they will do it again in japan. in a few minutes, we'll take you 35 a fundraising event that's happening live in san francisco. tracy grant is there dog a relief rally. we'll take you there live. >>> elsewhere around the world, a warning to libyan leader moammar gadhafi from president obama. his message, stop the military attacks on libyan civilians. the president addressed the nation today and said if a cease fire isn't implemented, the united states will take part in military action against gadhafi's regime mr. obama didn't mention specifics but officials have said previously that the american air forces could join with partner company to enfor
which will examine how some american muslims can be radicalized to strike inside the u.s. keep examples, the ft. hood massacre and attempted times square bombing. many muslim americans worry about retaliation. >> our community is bracing against generalization and fear mongering. because our community has suffered. it is very sad we have not learned lessons. >> they have been compared to witch hunts in the 1950s and to the camps during world war 2. >>> he arrived today in court with a slight grin on his face. the young man at the center of the massacre in tuson. 22-year-old pleaded not guilty. charges include murdering a federal judge and trying to assassinate congresswoman giffords. they are pushing for a court ordered psychiatric exam. >>> david broder died today related from complications of diabetes. "the washington post" reporter was a frequent panelist on "meet the press", appearing more than 400 times. that's more than any journalist in the show's history. according to the post, he covered every convention since 1956. his work on watergate earned him a pulitzer prize. >>> two inf
lawyers would do to that country's relationship with the u.s. four spanishmen claim they were tortured by american interrogators at guantanamo bay before being returned to spain free of charges. a judge wanted to investigate whether the bush administration lawyers, which included uc berkeley's john yu had approved the use of torture in the case of those four. well, in another case, wikileaks cable show that german leaders were warned against pursuing the arrest of 13 cia agents in 2007. the agents allegedly arrested a german man in 2003, mistaking him for a terrorist with the same name. he claims he was tortured for five months before being abandoned in a remote area of albanian. >>> still to come at 5:00 -- >> i just want to say thank you for all being here. it's hard for me to talk about it. but thank you. >> a california th'sis msing s for his missing son hal al >>> the father of a missing san diego state university student flew to madrid this weekend to search for his son. 22-year-old austin bice was last seen at a nightclub in the spanish capital more than a week ago. nbc's kyra s
. instability in the east at a time demand is up worldwide. >> we're seeing demand increases not only in the u.s., but throughout asia, africa and south america that are all contributing to higher crude oil prices and higher gasoline prices at the pump. >> the highest prices felt here in the golden state where some places near $5 a gallon. >> hurt the pocket. especially with no job. >> higher gas prices mean everything costs more. from groceries, to airline tickets and popular vacation destinations. in north carolina, charter boat captains are worried about their livelihoods. >> if it hits like $4 a gallon, we burn 400 gallon ons a trip, that's $1600 to make the trip just for the feel. >> now with oil selling for more than $100 a barrel, the white house is considering tapping into the strategic oil reserves. the high price of gas is also raises the prices of just about everything besides gas we buy. food, electronics. tonight at 6:00, we'll introduce you to a silicon valley company helps to bring those prices down and save you money. >> premium unleaded, $4.25 a gallon. if your car has a meter.
. this is a report funded by the u.s. national institute of health. doctors found that people who get between six and eight hours of sleep had the most success in a weight loss program. if you're sleeping less than six hours and if your stress levels are high, you will not be able to focus on making behavioral changes. >>> officially, we've known this for a long time, but now, it's official. breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be painful, literally. doctors did a study with people who had been recently dumped. they showed them photos of their recently detached partners. they discovered feelings from romantic rejection actually caused real pain by triggers a pain matrix in the brain. >> i've done that study many times. >> unfortunately, so have i. >> back in with moment with geo cleany possibly taking the witness stand. stay with us. scrub goes to the source ng micro-bead wiping out flakes before they flake. new selsun blue deep cleansing. >>> gossip columnists are businessing that george clooney is on the list of defense witnesses of a trial against silvio burr les cone. three corru
, the cooling unit was damaged, the u.s. will military is now spending a replacement in that nuclear power plant. radiation levels a,000 times normal and 75,000 have been evacuated. >> and a sports star is responding to the disaster in his hometown, as well. matsui is one of many japanese players worried about his loved ones at home. raj is in scottsdale, but you had a chance to catch up with matsui? >> reporter: we are in the middle of arizona for baseball spring training but baseball not the topic of conversation here. everyone talking about the tsunami and earthquake and one of japan's biggest superstars is here with us in the desert. we spent some time with him earlier today. matsui, a huge superstar in japan, a big superstar with the yankees. this is his first season here with the oakland a's. he'll be living in the bay area, but in the offseason, he lives in tokyo. needless to say, very emotional today concerned about his friends and family overseas and their safety. will they are okay. however, matsui such an inspiration and role model from the bay area to new york and all the way back to
a holt on projects here in the u.s. and hitting the bottom line with our co-owner, general electric, building that plant in puck jeem ma so a lot of companies here in the silicon valley watching that very closely. >> we're only beginning to feel the ripple effects. it's going to be developing over the next few months. >> any silicon valley companies reaching out to their counterparts? >> absolutely. we spent the day at a couple of them doing just that. companies like twitter, microsoft, all of the virtual games that you play, they raised in 36 hours more than $1 million for japan earthquake relief. we'll look at that more tonight. local companies reaching out to raise money with social networking. it happens just like that. >> very nice. thank you. >> you bet. >>> continuing coverage of the earthquake and the tsunami in japan. go to nbcbayarea.com. we've posted live videos. >>> on to other news tonight, still ahead at 5:00, it may be thinner and faster but can the ipad 2 outsell the original ipad? >>> a weekend break-in at an east oakland elementary school impacts some of the bay ar
chains, digging in and bringing u.s. stocks down. even apple previously immune to all things recession realitied says it will delay planned production of the ipad 2 in the japanese market. it was scheduled for release on the 25th of this month. apple shares down about 2.5% today on the news. more news from the auto industry. one day after announcing plans to shut down production in japan, toyota along with sub rue say they'll scale down production at their american plants as well. the concern is how quickly they can get parts from japan to the american dealerships. japan, the largest supplier of silicon, which the chips are made from that make all these devices. tonight at 6:00, we'll take a look at why that may mean we have to live with fewer gadgets. >> for complete coverage, just go to our website. we have a special section with complete images of the destruction as well as is recovery and a interviews. >>> still ahead, the talk of the internet. a student video posted within hours of the japanese tsunami. it's sparking outranl and a police investigation. >>> no way we'd be here if i
, hundreds of families are arriving in the u.s. after being caught in the middle of that disaster. tonight many of the families are back in the bay area, thanks to the help of the travis air force base. jody hernandez was on the base when the evacuees arrived. >> reporter: travis air force base rolled out the welcoming mat to dozens of military families who had been living in japan. all of them are very happy to finally be back on stable ground. >> welcome to california! >> reporter: it's a mccouldn't be more appreciated. after living through ordeal of an earthquake, tsunami and radiation fears, military families based in japan arrived to travis air force base today where they felt instant relief. >> everyone at travis was so welcoming, so happy to see us, so quick to give us anything we needed. we couldn't help but feel so much better. we're so happy to be here now. >> reporter: jena and her children say the ground never stopped moving since the initial quake hit. >> it was hard to answer questions like why is this happening? who made this happen? when is this going to stop? are we going
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